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East Tacoma

About East Tacoma

If you are a commuter, East Tacoma is going to be one of the most convenient areas for you, due to its proximity to I-5 and Highway 512. This neighborhood encompasses the area across from I-5 and Southeast from Downtown Tacoma. You will always find something new on the East Side, but don’t miss out on the well-known places like Top of Tacoma, an iconic Tacoma bar. There are also some amazing parks in this area like McKinley Park and Swan Creek Park, which features a salmon-bearing stream, wooded canyon, upland forest, paved and natural trails, a large community garden, and miles of mountain bike trails. In the summertime, the Tacoma community comes together at the McKinley Ave street fair, which is full of live music, games, local businesses and crafters, a beer garden, food trucks, and so much more! As for the neighborhood, you can find just about all types of homes in this area and often larger than average lots. The homes perched on the hillside boast views of the city, Tacoma Dome, and Mt Rainier.

Listings In East Tacoma

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